Why write a blog during the PhD

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For those not familiar with the reasons that may move a PhD candidate to write a blog, you can read this article, this or this one. Personally the ones that motivate me the most are:

    1. To build a platform where meet and talk with other professionals and researchers interested in the subject.
    2. Express “fresh” ideas that are quickly discredited, supplemented or contradicted by others before they end up in the thesis or a scientific journal.
    3. Understand how my research and its results may be more relevant to the community.
    4. Consider that documenting the process of maturation of a thesis may be useful for other doctoral students.
    5. Improve my writing skills, speed and  habits, both in Spanish (my native language) and English.

If you are a senior researcher, understand that this blog shares a learning process, it shapes ideas and analysis criteria. It’s not intended to lay down the law, this is not a scientific publication, even though it falls within the context of its praxis. So please do not react aggressively even if I contradict you scratching the surface of a subject that you are sure to know much better.

So now that you’ve come this far give yourself a moment to share your views or that of other authors by commenting any of the Minibits posts or by sending me a tweet, it will be most welcome.

Update 2-Dic-04: I find a good collection of reasons to write your blog in your personal site in this article from Daniel Messler.

Update 4-Dic-04: Find more reasons to write a PhD blog, even if it doesn’t seem to get any audience, in the ebook 17 Simple Strategies To Survive Your PhD from NextScientist.

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